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High Brow Waxing Boutique is the premier Spa in Milwaukee, offering a variety of waxing and facial services by award winning therapists. We exist to enhance personal beauty, growth and confidence through every service. Setting the standard of excellence in Esthetics, we educate, we inspire and we strive to enrich the lives of every guest we meet.

List of Services

At High Brow we strive to enhance personal beauty, growth and confidence through every service. Setting the standard of excellence in Esthetics.
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Le Grand Classique

Customized Facial

Restore healthy balance to your skin with a customized facial geared to address your particular skin care concerns.

Soin Pureté

Acne Treatment
1hr. 15min.

Correction and healing are the cornerstones of this highly efficient phyto-treatment that deals with the issues of acne and all ages of problem skin.

  • Brow $17
  • Lip $12
  • Chin $14
  • Sideburns $18
  • Ears $18
  • Nose $18
  • Half Arm $35
  • Full Arm $45
  • Half Leg $45
  • Full Leg $65
  • Back $50
  • Chest $60
  • Shoulders $10
  • Stomach $20
  • Derrière $15
  • Underarms $20
  • Bikini $30
  • Modified Brazilian $45
  • Brazilian $70
  • Bro-zilian (mens) $95

What’s the difference between a Bikini wax, a Brazilian, and a Modified Brazilian?

A Bikini wax removes only the hair oustide the swimsuit line.
 A Brazilian removes all of the hair on the labia and anus. The remaining hair is customized (i.e., landing strip, triangle or bare). A Modified Brazilian removes the hair up to, but not including the labia; this leaves a wide strip of hair all the way down. Removing the hair on the anus is optional.

Will I survive?

Yes. We pride ourselves on giving as painless of wax as possible. To ensure this, we use mostly hard wax. Hard wax is less painful, because it only pulls the hair and not the skin. Our Estheticians are veteran waxers and have won awards for their Brazilian waxing.

What should I know before I come in?

Most importantly, you need a minimum of 4 weeks of outgrowth for a successful wax. No tanning 24 hours beforehand. Give yourself an exfoliation in the area before, ideally with a sugar scrub. Heeding the above recommendations will ensure the best possible wax.

What can I expect after the wax?

Everyone is different. That said, most have little to no irritation or discomfort immediately after the wax. Some will stay a bit pink for a few hours to a day or two. You’ll want to avoid a few things for the first 12-24hrs, though. NO tanning, NO creams or lotions, NO excessive sweating, and NO submersion of the waxed areas in water.

Any Tips?

Avoid the week before your cycle begins; this is the time when you are most sensitive. Take two ibuprofen about an hour before your wax; this will minimize pain. Keep in mind that waxing gets easier with time. Every time you wax, your hair will grow back finer and more sparse. Prone to ingrown hairs or bumps? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; ask your waxer for details.

How often does it need to be done?

This is our favorite part! We wax according to each client’s hair growth stages, so there isn’t one general answer. The great part is, with the program we use, you will be coming back less and less often, as you will have less and less hair. We can’t give away all our secrets online, but we’ll tell you all about it during your appointment.

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Our Classes

At High Brow, we want to share our wealth of waxing know-how!
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We offer classes to licensed Cosmetologists and licensed Estheticians. All classes offer a short segment of theory with a take home booklet and then largely focus on practical waxing technique. Each class will require the student to provide their own model, in which the instructor will assist in a step by step approach. Ultimately, each student leaves with a new found confidence in their talent as well as a certificate of completion.

Brazilian 101 $350

This highly interactive class dives into the art of Brazilian waxing, a service most primary beauty schools do not teach. Brazilian waxing is becoming one of the most requested services in the country, making it the most profitable to salons and spas. In Brazilian 101, we discuss the difference between hard wax and soft wax, stages of hair growth and how to re-book your guest based on their growth, and top secret waxing techniques for minimizing pain.
**Observation only: $150 This class offers the option of observing a Brazilian with verbal instruction only.

Need for Speed $250

Time is money and if you find yourself taking much longer than you'd like in larger body part services, this is the class for you! With simple techniques, we focus on minimizing treatment time, amount of product used during your service and even minimizing tweezing! This class focuses only on larger body parts, such as full leg and full arm.
**Observation only: $150 This class offers the option of observing a speed waxing class with verbal instruction only.

Raise a High Brow $250

The art of the brow wax. Where should the shape start? Who should have a fuller brow? How do I know what to remove? All essential questions are answered during this specialized class. Any old techniques or approach to brow waxing is completely stripped away and new, more current artistry is applied.
**Observation only: $100 This class offers the option of observing a brow wax with verbal instruction only.

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